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1. How does the experience start?

Your experience starts with a comprehensive 30-minute design and styling consultation one week prior to your shoot. This is where we gather lots of great ideas to help you custom design your very own unique portraits.

2. When do we get to view our images?

Following your photo shoot we will download and prepare your images for viewing on the same day!

3. How much are products?

The price of your Studio1000 Experience can vary greatly depending on various factors however our ultimate aim is to design a collection that you love and that fits within your budget. This is part of the Studio1000 unique difference!

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4. How long is the whole experience?

Your 3 hour Studio1000 experience starts with our talented makeup and hairstylist. One hour with our professional photographer in our innovative studio and instant viewing of your portraits with our expert consultant.

5. Are pets allowed?

Yes, of course, we understand they are a part of your family! Talk to one of our consultants about your furry friend joining your photo shoot experience.

6. What is the cost of additional makeup?

For additional makeup, it is $65 per person.

7. What do we wear?

At your design and styling consultation, we will help with ideas on what to wear and bring to truly personalise your session.

8. How long does it take to receive my order?

Any order can take anywhere between 2-6 weeks of production.

9. Do you offer corporate photography?

Yes, we do, our stylists work closely with corporate’s and entrepreneurs to understand exactly how businesses want to project themselves in the market and demonstrate that real point of unique difference.

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